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As part of our commitment to providing a social, stimulating environment, we love hosting live events. Let the cultural discussions begin!

The tea ceremony and teahouse are extremely important in Japanese culture, dating as far back as the 9th century. They encourage relaxation and balance – a perfect way to welcome guests into your home. At Casana T we serve several varieties of matcha, the traditional green tea used in Japanese services. Allow us to teach you and your party “The Way of The Tea” with ceremonial instruction and our special tasting menu. You’ll feel completely Zen in no time!

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Explore Chinese chayi (“the art of drinking tea”), a way of appreciating tea that’s unlike any other cultural practice in the world. Tea ceremonies are given for many different reasons in China. They can be used for casual family gatherings, for formal celebrations (weddings and anniversaries), as a sign of respect (in business meetings), or even as personal apologies. Each occasion has its own protocol, from the kind of tea and tea ware used, down to the rhythmic finger tapping traditional to the ceremony. Whether you’re curious about Chinese culture, eager to celebrate a special occasion, or just in the mood to try something new, we can teach you all you need to know. Our Chinese tea culture experts will lead you and your party through the proper steps and a tasting menu tailored to your event. Who can resist all that good energy?

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There’s nothing better than a cup of tea and a good book. That’s why we love hosting acclaimed authors through our Readings and Refreshments series. Throughout the year, Casana T House welcomes writers, performers, and thinkers from around the world to share their work with the Hillsdale community. Meet your favorite artists, enjoy light food and drink, and settle in for the intellectual magic. Check our site regularly to see who’s coming to town!

Tickets for each evening are $15 per person. Space is limited to 50 people.

Got an event in mind that we haven’t covered here? Let’s talk! Call our store or email with the details of your private event. We’d love to host your party.